Planning a Party? Celebrate with Wine & Design


Two things that always make for a memorable evening? Great wine, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy it. Last week, we teamed up with top local sommelier Jimmy Santangelo from the Wine Academy of Utah to curate a luxe birthday celebration for 16 guests in a private Salt Lake City home--he brought the wine, and we provided the ambience.

The theme of the evening was Italian Wine Country. Jimmy walked party guests through eight Italian vintages, for a tour of Tuscany, Marche, and Veneto right from Salt Lake. To enhance the experience, we worked with the party host to create a decor scheme evocative of the history and elegance of the Italian countryside ...while also incorporating the personal style of the evening’s guest of honor. 

Rustic touches, like worn cafe chairs, a craft-paper covered farm table, and organic serveware were paired with upscale details like cut-crystal glassware and delicate goblets, and a dramatic oil painting served as a backdrop and set the scene for the night. The overall vibe of the evening was chic, but comfortable, and made the wine the star of the show. 

Love the idea of wine & design for your next party? Here are a few tips for planning a wine education event in style. 

-Hire a pro: Wine tasting takes on a whole new significance when it’s led by a sommelier. Not only will they forever change the way your guests drink wine, they’ll set the pace for the party, and provide the evening’s entertainment, too. Sommeliers from The Wine Academy of Utah can offer private classes for groups both large and small. 

-Create a menu pairing: When hosting a wine tasting, food is a must. Not only will it keep that wine from going to you guest’s heads too quickly, it enhances and complements that flavors of the wine. Ask your sommelier for the evening for expert suggestions, or simply offer a selection of traditional appetizers and light bites from the region or country you’ll be sampling from. 

-Coordinate the decor: Decor both underscores and elevates the theme of your evening, and is just as important and the food and drink. While it’s easy to go literal (for example, with grape motifs and Tuscan-inspired place settings), a subtler route that alludes to the region through things like furniture silhouettes, textures, materials, and colors offers a more sophisticated take that’s complementary, not distracting. 

Celebrating a milestone? Whether you’re planning a big birthday, fêting an anniversary, hosting a fundraiser or simply gathering with great friends, our event design services elevate any get together into a night to remember. To start planning your party, get in touch with us!

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